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Security Procedures

CAS Online Education security procedures in effect as of Fall 2015.

The University of Oregon has asked all units to take measures to ensure the academic integrity of online courses. (See Academic Affairs statement on online academic integrity.)

All students whose exams are scheduled in McKenzie 445 or 442 (the SSIL labs) will use the following authentication procedure:

  1. Students will hand their UO ID card to the proctor.
  2. The proctor will then keep the ID card (ID cards will be returned at the end of the test), and seat the student at a testing station.  After the proctor initiates the testing session, the student can begin their exam.

Exam proctors

All tests administered through CASIT Online Education services have an in-person proctor. To ensure exam and course integrity, the proctoring done through CASIT Online Education meets several requirements:

  • Every testing center is guaranteed an alert and active proctor to confirm student identity and maintain a secure testing environment.
  • The proctor will ensure that only approved testing materials are accessed during the exam and that there is no student to student communication for the duration of the exam.

Other security measures

  • The testing sessions held in the Social Science Instructional Labs are secured behind locked doors and recorded on a security camera system maintained by CASIT personnel.
  • Students residing in the Portland Metro Area have the option to take their exams through the University of Oregon’s White Stag Building location. A graduate student proctor will hold 2-3 testing sessions per week and maintain the same standards as the main University Campus, with the exception of hand scanners (see above).