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Technical Design Standards

Audio File Format

The .mp3 format is one of the best to use since files are small compared to other formats and they can be played on most devices. If you are recording your own audio for the class (e.g. for a screencast), we have a laptop you can check out and access to a sound booth where you can make high quality recordings.

Color Blind Design

Color blind test images

Can you see the numbers in all of the circles? If you can you’re lucky. Approximately 8% of the population is color blind and may see some, or none of these numbers. Keep this in mind if you are using color to differentiate design elements.

Unfortunately, there are no set rules for color blind web design, but you’re relatively safe if you use any of the more popular color palettes found on the Adobe® Kuler website.

Image File Format

In order to ensure file sizes are easy to download and will display on most devices and browsers, use formats that are designed for the web. The three most popular image formats have different uses:

  • .jpg – best for images with lots of colors, text can be blurry (larger size)
  • .gif – best for simple images with few colors, charts, icons, and images with text (smaller size)
  • .png – can represent more colors than .gif, but files are much larger.

Note that each of these files has different options that can have a dramatic impact on file size. Experiment with different formats/options and find out which works best for your needs. It will vary based on the image.