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Faculty/Student Support

Faculty Support

  • Technical assistance will be readily available to the instructor via CASIT.
  • Instructors will be encouraged to participate in an Online Education course preparation seminar, a workshop conducted by CASIT, or one on one with the CASIT Online Instructional Technologist.
  • Peer mentoring will be available to DE faculty.
  • Infrastructure will be in place to deliver the course in a safe, secure and reliable manner.

Student Support

  • Admission requirements, hardware and software requirements, fees, required materials including books and other supplies will be made available before the course sign-up process has been completed.
  • Students will have access to a demo site of a course before the sign-up process is complete, including a demo of a testing or assessment environment.
  • Minimum course competencies are made available to the student prior to the course sign-up process completion.
  • Students will be made aware of proctoring policies prior to the course beginning.
  • Students will receive course instruction and materials in a timely manner two weeks before the course begins.
  • Students will have access to technical assistance throughout the duration of the course from CASIT.
  • Students will receive answers to email communication within 2 working days, feedback from exams within 7 working days and replies to phone calls with one working day.
  • Students will have a uniform and structured system to address complaints and concerns.
  • Courses will all share the same proctoring policies.
  • Students must accept they will adhere to the UO Student Conduct Code before beginning the course.
  • Processes and technology will be in place to ensure student privacy in-line with existing FERPA laws.
  • Students will have instructions on how to obtain copies of their work electronically.