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Course Website Standards

  • Consistent layout and design orients users throughout course websites.
  • Font type, size, and colors are readable and consistent throughout websites. Color blind design
  • Audio/Video hardware requirements for the student do not extend beyond the basic sound cards, speakers, and video players unless appropriately needed to meet course goals and objectives. If specific requirements are needed, the requirements will be clearly identified and made available to the students in the course description.
  • Audio files meet minimum standards in the following areas: 1) audio is clear; 2) audio file length is adequate to meet the goals of the activity without being too large to restrict users’ ability to download the file on computers with lower bandwidths. Suggested audio file formats
  • Navigation aids are located in the same repeated locations and are consistent across the course sites.
  • Navigation cues are present, clearly identifiable, offered in text, and are obvious links based on visual cues such as color, underlining, and text use directives.
  • Course sites have no broken links, and internal functionality is fully operational at the beginning of the course each term the course is taught.
  • Links open in appropriate windows.
  • Images are clear, image files are optimized for efficient delivery to the student. Suggested image file formats
  • Scrolling is minimized or facilitated with named anchors. These are links to particular sections of a long web pages such as this link to the Conducting a Course section of the Instructional Standards page.
  • Minimal use of pop-up windows (windows with specific information, no scroll bars, and no menus) is appropriate with clearly discernible “close window” button.
  • Windows open in appropriate frames that do not confuse users. The use of additional frames, other than those within the content management system, is to be avoided.
  • Course content will be kept current each term the course is taught.
  • Use of technology in the course is appropriate to the course pedagogy.
  • The course feedback form link will be available from each page of a course website.